Rules/Trail Etiquette
  • Absolutely NO exchanging of bib numbers. Registered runners only! This is critical to the safe tracking of all participants and the future of this event. If you are caught exchanging or selling your bib you will be barred from future events.
  • Race numbers must be worn on the front and visible at all times.
  • Do NOT litter. We worked hard with the East Bay Regional Parks District to secure this event permit. Littering of any kind will make the permit process more difficult and time-consuming than it already is. In addition, you may be disqualified. Please respect the trails and your fellow runners by not littering. If you see a fellow runner litter, please ask him/her to pick up the litter. If he/she refuses, please report his/her bib# to us at the finish.
  • If you need to drop from the run, you must notify the aid station captain and give him/her the tear-off tag on your number and your chip. If we have no record of your finish or drop, we may be forced to call Search and Rescue at your expense to find you.
  • Run completion cutoffs are for your protection. If you miss your cutoff and are instructed to stop, please respect the sweeps/aid stations and accept a ride back to the finish. The aid station captain has the authority to make the decision on the course whether or not to allow a runner to proceed.
  • When passing another runner, announce your intention by saying “Passing on your right” (or left) and only when there is room to pass safely.
  • You must yield to any runner who announces his/her intention to pass by stepping to the side of the trail when it is safe to do so, and be prepared to share the trail with hikers, dog walkers, cyclists, and other runners not participating in the event.
  • No dogs, no pacers, no crew, no bandits.
  • Any infraction of these rules can and will result in immediate disqualification from Moongate Racing events.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us ensure a safe and fun experience for everyone.